Personality tests are always interesting to take because they help you self-reflect. 

a. The results of the test- After taking the test, the results were as follows: Out of all the categories I am classified as an “Influential person”.

b. Was this a revelation/ new knowledge about yourself? Honestly the results weren’t very surprising to me because I am definitely a people oriented person. I care a lot about serving others and having people’s best interest in mind.

c. How will this effect your leadership style? In reading the description of what an “influential person” is, it says that this person is friendly, outgoing, sociable and they often are around friends. They define themselves by their relationships and they thrive on social contact. They can get along well with most people because they are generally interested in people. This describes my personality perfectly! In the Operating Room, everyone knows me by my positive attitude and how outgoing I am. This type of personality effects my leadership style in a number of ways. Influential people are important in an organization because they bring the human touch to the organization. They can make newer people in the organization feel welcome and a sense of belonging. 
d. What will you do with the knowledge this test gives you? It was interesting to find out that these people are generally not very good at doing tasks well; they are generally less meticulous and miss out certain details in their work. I don’t feel like I relate to this as much, however I can use this to really focus on the little details in becoming a better nurse and increasing my leadership skills!



Let me introduce myself- My name is Breezy and I am your average (not so average) 24-year-old trying to figure out life. I am originally from UTAH. I love being outdoors and taking advantage of the beautiful mountains by hiking, snowboarding, etc. I grew up loving art and music. There’s no doubt that music is definitely one of my biggest passions in life. I love to sing and compose music on the piano. I feel like music is a good stress relief for me when life gets crazier than usual. Speaking of crazy, I recently graduated nursing school! It blows my mind that I have already been working as a nurse for over a year now. I currently work in the Operating Room as a circulating nurse. Let me tell you, the last year and a half has been a rollercoaster of emotions for me. Working as a brand new nurse has been challenging for sure. I never had the opportunity to have a clinical in the OR during nursing school, so this field of nursing was like learning a foreign language. I have learned MANY lessons from working as an OR nurse. I have learned that failure is actually your friend. Although failure is inevitable, you will succeed even more so if you make mistakes and learn from them. I have also learned just how important teamwork is. A successful surgery includes a “dream team” surgical team. When every individual in a team knows their specific role and excels in it, the overarching goal can be obtained. Lastly, I have learned that Communication is the KEY that opens the door to SUCCESS. As a nurse one of my most important roles is to communicate efficiently. I feel like communication is something that every single person can (and should) work on. The purpose of this blog to whoever actually reads it, will be to share lessons learned and include personal reflections as I conquer my last three classes to complete my Bachelors in Nursing. 

-the one and only Breezy