This is something that seems to be nearly impossible to consistently have in our lives. In healthcare, it’s essential to create environments that fuel motivation of employees so that they can perform to the best of their abilities. This week we looked into ways in which we can motivate staff and increase productivity. “Unfortunately, motivating people is far from an exact science. There’s no secret formula, no set calculation, no work sheet to fill out. In fact, motivation can be as individual as the employees who work for you. One employee may be motivated only by money. Another may appreciate personal recognition for a job well done. Still another may work harder if she has equity in the business.” As you can see, motivation completely depends on the individual. That’s why it’s essential to encourage and allow employees to voice their opinion and express what changes can be made to help them work to their best potential. As a group, we composed a list of ways or things that could help increase morale in a hospital setting. Some ideas we had included the following:

-Take a genuine interest in their work-life balance – To the extent that managers can offer some flexibility in schedules and be understanding about family commitments. This would be greatly appreciated. Small gestures often make a big difference!

-Provide sufficient paid time-off. Everyone needs to take a vacation every once in awhile. This honestly helps with well-being and increases work performance in my opinion.

-Provide many opportunity for advancement. People want chances for training and cross-training. If these opportunities are available to employees they would be more likely to stay.

-ENCOURAGE and spread positivity! It all starts with attitude- if people are genuinely happy and interact with others in a positive way it makes work much more enjoyable. 

-Ensure that you are not short-staffed. Stress can be created by an environment that is chaotic. If there are enough staff so that each person doesn’t have to run themselves thin, this will help create a less stressful environment.

I think it is ESSENTIAL that we first create a safe, positive, encouraging environment if we want to motivate employees. By communicating effectively and listening intently, we will begin to understand each individual’s needs and ways that they themselves are motivated. I hope that I will be able to use this week’s lesson in my personal life as well as my work life. I have always found it to be hard to keep myself motivated for long periods of time. Especially with working out and eating healthy. I use excuses such as “I’m too busy! I don’t have time today! I’ll do it tomorrow!” which doesn’t get me ANYWHERE. I love that we studied this topic, and will I strive to be POSITIVE, WRITE DOWN GOALS, and MOTIVATE MYSELF. 

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