We learned more about a subject I don’t have a lot of practice in this week- and that is the topic of STRATEGIC PLANNING IN HEALTHCARE. In our reading for this week, I read an interesting article that states, “Creating a strategic plan gives everyone in your organization a working roadmap for the future. The pieces of the plan help guide daily actions—everything ranging from how to allocate company resources, to how to engage stakeholders. Even small companies need a strategic plan to formalize their values and vision, which guides goal setting while also allowing them to measure their impact beyond the bottom line.
Most strategic plans define the organization’s Mission, Vision, and Goals, and establish short-and long-term Objectives. Creating the plan might seem daunting, but referring to the plan keeps team members connected to guiding principles and actually makes daily operations easier.” This made me think about the fact that we need to create a mission and vision for ourselves in our personal lives. If we do not have a roadmap for success then we will become lost. What is our purpose? We need to figure that out and then plan accordingly. In nursing, we need to align our short and long-term objectives with our goals and really focus on moving in a positive direction. 

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