This week we discussed change and how this effects nurses and how to be a positive role model to others. It was interesting to watch the video “Who Moved My Cheese” about change and then discuss with our teams how we felt we reacted to change. I feel like I am apprehensive to change (when it makes me uncomfortable) and do have fears, but I face them and try to have a positive attitude as I walk through the “fire” so to speak. I think ways that a nurse leader can handle resistance to planned change is by being very open with communication and listening to and asking for people to voice their opinion. By having a positive attitude and being a good role model by implementing the change yourself, you can affect others attempt to change. I chose an article about diversity and being aware of equality in the workplace. There was an incident that happened at my work where a charge nurse ended up losing his position because he made a racial comment that ended up turning into a fight. It made me realize that it’s very important that we watch how we talk to others and treat people with respect.



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