Reflective Journal

This week we had two discussions that brought up some interesting topics. The first discussion was about staffing in the workplace and how it affects patient care. In the Operating room where I work, it seems like we are always short-staffed. The reasoning behind this is that it takes more than half a year to train someone in the OR. Because it takes so long to train, if we have multiple nurses or scrub techs quit all at once we are short-handed until people come off orientation. We actually had a conversation in our meeting the other day, where the OR management said our budget was already tight so we needed to be careful about the number of FTE. It’s crazy to me that the hospital doesn’t see our needs to accommodate the increase in OR suites that came with the new building. You would think that patient safety would be their first concern but it seems like money takes priority in their eyes. We also discussed our five-year plans as nurses and how we were going to accomplish our goals. It was good for me to actually write-out my plans for the future because I need to start working towards my next steps in life. In one of the assignments for this week, I read an article about dangers in the workplace such as hazardous fumes. Working in the OR there are risks for accidents by (lifting heavy patients, radiation, needle-sticks, getting hit by a patient waking up, fumes, etc.) We need to be more aware of the risks for each of our specific jobs. The future of my nursing career is in my own hands! I have realized that I need to prioritize my time in working towards my goals that I have set for myself. “SUCCESS IS NEVER OWNED, IT’S RENTED. AND THE RENT IS DUE EVERYDAY”

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