This week we learned more about the future of nursing, based on the Institution of Medicine. It was interesting to read the articles for this lesson and learn what is significant moving foreword in the field of nursing. “The campaign is working to improve our collaborative work with the physicians, consumers and others who understand that nursing practice and care will only be enhanced if all providers are allowed to practice to the top of their education and training. And, in fact, we do have physician champions, who are extremely supportive of our work around modernizing scope of practice laws, but won’t speak out publicly.” The IOM also stated they were working on achieving a goal of having nurses receive their bachelors degree and even better, go on to obtain a higher education. The hospital where I work at assists in paying for nurses to receive their bachelors degree as incentive which I think is smart. The higher the level of education, the more competent the nurse will be in their job. I think it’s important that we utilize hands-on practice and collaboration with physicians and other healthcare providers while in nursing school to more prepared for real-life scenarios. Throughout this week, I have began to understand more the importance of my voice in changing policies related to nursing and I have a goal to become more involved. 

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