Reflective Journal- WEEK 7

1. What did you actually learned from the unit. This week, we talked a lot about budgeting and the basic concepts of being cost effective while providing quality care and patient safety. It was interesting to listen to the lecture videos and watch the breakdown of how nurses get paid for their services. You have to determine if the services the nurse is providing is minimal, moderate, or extensive (and that determines their pay). Everything has a cost- and you can control expenses. You have to look closely at your staffing (the experience determines wages and you can control that). We also discussed time management. In the OR where I currently work, timing is everything. We try to go as fast as we can without compromising patient care. Sometimes this can lead to problems– for example, sometimes surgeons don’t initiate time-outs because they want to hurry. This is an essential part in preventing wrong-site surgeries so it’s frustrating when surgeons don’t take it seriously. Along with time-management, it’s also essential to learn how to appropriately delegate. I feel as if I’ve learned this skill as I am the middle man between SO many different groups of healthcare providers in the Operating Room. As I delegate efficiently, my cases go a lot smoother. As a group, we looked over a spreadsheet of expenses from a unit at the hospital. We had to figure out how to cut 10% from the current budget. This was a good team building experience and we were going back and forth whether we should cut more from the supplies or the nurses wages. I actually learned a good deal from this lecture just because I am not so good with budgeting yet. I will be able to ability to analyze costs and budgeting not only in my life at work but also my personal life. We also interviewed a person outside of healthcare regarding discipling and firing employees. I discovered that I don’t really want to be in the position of firing people.. haha. Mostly because I am such a people person and I absolutely hate making people feel bad. I give people countless chances, even when they let me down. 

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