This week was filled with good discussions about ethical issues. I also conducted an interview regarding performance appraisal and was able to define areas for appraise development, set clear objectives, learn how to conduct appraisals in a confident and professional manner, and understand the steps required in disciplining employees. I think it’s important to conduct performance review interviews periodically so that any concerns can be resolved. Throughout our discussions this week, it was interesting to discuss ethical issues in today’s world. We talked about abortion, physician assisted suicide, DNR/DNI, etc. I think these discussions are important to have because it allows us to become more educated in topics we might not have a lot of experience with in our clinical experience. I liked hearing the opinions of others which brought me a new perspective. For example, there was an article that was shared about a man who had DNR tattooed on his chest. The person who brought this up shared her perspective that it might be best to respect the patient’s wishes and take into account the tattoo because he couldn’t speak for himself. This is a tricky subject because what if the tattoo had a different meaning? As nurses it’s our job to be a patient advocate, however if the patient cannot speak and express feelings it becomes harder to know what they would want.  I will continue to educate myself further on subjects such as abortion so that if an ethical dilemma arises I can speak up and voice an opinion. 

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