I interviewed a manager of a local restaurant in Utah County for this assignment.

1.What is your least favorite thing about performance appraisals? I don’t particularly enjoy making an employee feel bad about themselves while we are discussing ways that they need to improve. (Even though they need to hear it, this can be awkward at times.)

2.How do you approach an interview with an employee who struggles performing their job duties adequately? I usually go into a performance review by asking them specifically what areas they feel they need to improve in. Instead of just telling them every little thing they are doing bad, I find that asking them for their thoughts first is a better approach. I also ask them why they feel they are struggling. Is something going on outside of work that is interfering with their ability to perform their job duties adequately? How can I help them succeed?

3. What behavior do you look for in an employee AFTER their performance review? I try to see areas of improvement in specific things we’ve talked about. If they are making a sincere effort to improve that shows they care. 

4. What things do you focus on in a performance appraisal interview? I focus on what the employee is doing well, and what they need to improve on. We can start by setting specific goals about certain things such as attentiveness to costumers, time-management etc. 

5.How do you help your employees improve after a performance appraisal? I usually help them set goals and ask in what specific ways I can help (more training, one-on-one personal education or training, a different schedule, etc.)

6. How often do you hold performance appraisals for full-time vs part-time employees? I hold performance appraisals as needed with certain employees, but other-wise I would say I hold more for full-time employees compared to part-time employees.

7. How long do your performance appraisals last? I try to make my performance appraisals last about 30 minutes to an hour depending on what we’re discussing and how much improvement they need. 

8.What does your performance appraisal criteria look like and how is it implemented? I go through categories and discuss each area with the employee. (Tardiness, time-management, customer interaction, competency, personal attitude, goals, concerns, etc.)

9. How do you prepare for a performance appraisal interview with an employee? I usually sit down and go over notes I’ve taken while observing their behaviors, and especially look at any concerns other employees or costumers have brought to my attention. 

10.What is the most common issue that comes up with employees during a review? The most common issue is tardiness. This is a common problem, and seems to take a while to fix if they are in the habit of being late consistently. 

It was interesting to learn about performance interviews and what employers expect of their employees. I want to exceed expectations in my job and career so it’s good to learn about the main areas of concern in the workplace. I like how this manager pointed out that using good communication and asking them to voice concerns first is a good way to approach a conversation about improvement! I hope to be able to work on things such as time-management, and competency in my current job in the OR. 

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