Reflective Journal- WEEK 5

This week we learned how to plan and prepare for reviewing employees job performances while remaining fair and avoiding bias. We had a group activity of coming up with questions to ask someone who conducts performance appraisals. It was interesting to come up with our own criteria/benchmark for each of the five grading levels (Poor, Below Average, Average, Above Average, Exceptional). I was able to self-reflect in how I’m doing in the areas that each of us used as criteria such as– organizational skills, communication, being on time, helping others, etc. We had a couple discussions this week and one was about determining how to discipline a nurse if they didn’t pick up an extra shift. Our group came to the conclusion that it would be hard to keep emotions out of the situation because this nurse was a single mom whose husband died just recently. While making decisions, it’s always best to get a clear picture of the whole story before making any rash judgments. I’ve loved hearing the thoughts of my group members this week.. I definitely learn better when I work with others. I read an article this week that talked about a brand new hospital being built in Michigan. It explained that patient crowding was an issue in the previous hospital. This crowding led to infections and a decrease in patient safety. This new hospital being built will provide jobs to thousands of healthcare workers, have new innovations, and provide better standards for patients! I have loved seeing innovation at the hospital where I work at and the improvements we have made for patients in the new Operating Room! 

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