Team building and organizational skills are very important for nurses to practice and become proficient in. This weeks activities were all about teamwork and our specific group had a lot of fun getting to know each other better. I was able to learn about communication and organizing time throughout this week! Building relationships that are positive creates a positive and safe environment. I have seen how this can effect patient care in the hospital. As a team, we had a big activity to complete this week. We played a series of games to get to know each other better. There was a scenario where a boat crashed and we had limited space on lifeboats. We had to choose, as a group, 9 people to save and bring with us. It was interesting to hear everyone’s perspectives and opinions on what was most important when choosing who to survive. Understanding team dynamics can help when solving problems in a team. Every individual has their own unique set of strengths that add value to the group. It was nice to see that although we didn’t agree on every point, we all compromised and were respectful of each other. We were able to think innovatively together towards a common goal. As we got to know each other we also developed trust and effective communication. This week we interviewed someone outside of the heath care field about how they approach interviewing. It was interesting to be on the other side of an interview and get an in-depth perspective on what I can work on while interviewing in the future.

This is the quote I came up with for this week- COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY THAT OPENS THE DOOR TO SUCCESS!


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