This week I was able to watch Ender’s Game and observe attributes that both good and bad leaders in the movie had. I was able to analyze and conclude which I could adopt into my own life and career. It was interesting to self-reflect and really think about what leadership skills I have and which I should work on. Ender was considered an elect leader because he was empathetic, listened and valued opinions of others and never gave up! I took inspiration from his work ethic and I have tried to incorporate this type of leadership into my career in the operating room this week. From this weeks activities, I took a personality test which was interesting. I was not surprised that some of the traits that described my personality were things such as positivity, inclusion, good communication, sociable, friendly, hard-working, etc. I try my best to have a positive attitude every single day at work. That energy will radiate from me and influence those around me for the better! It was interesting to learn about different aspects of leadership and how different approaches can either increase or decrease rapport. I love that this class continues to help me to see what I can work on so that I can become a more competent nurse and leader.

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