Who were the leaders in the movie? Why? 

Ender is definitely a leader in this movie. He was given the responsibility to command his own army at the young age of 9! Graff could also be considered a leader as well. He was the head of the Battle school, and trained many people.

What are the traits of effective leadership you identified in the movie? 

Ender had many traits of effective leadership throughout the movie. He had compassion towards people, treated others equally, had the desire to hear ideas from others, wanted to work as a team instead of just telling everyone what to do, took responsibility for mistakes, learned from others perspectives, etc. 

Explain why you feel these traits are effective in the workplace.

Each one of these traits are effective in the workplace because they have one thing in common- they all help to build and strengthen relationships. If you create healthy positive relationships with others, they will have your trust and follow you in stride. The trait of being compassionate and asking others for their opinions and thoughts is important in the workplace because is shows you value people.

What are the traits of non-effective leadership you identified in the movie?

Some traits of non-effective leadership I saw were through the character Griff. He was manipulative and very demanding. He didn’t care how he won- as long as he won. The character Peter is ruthless and he manipulates people without a care in the world. Peter does not care about others.

Explain why you feel these traits are not effective in the workplace.

Being manipulative to get what you want is not effective in the workplace. It will push people away and not build trusting relationships. You cannot have teamwork when people don’t actually want to work together. A leader who is selfish will eventually fail because his followers will desert him.

After watching this movie and learning this material, how will you incorporate this into your nursing practice/personal life?

It was interesting to see different themes of leadership in this movie and learn which I want to practice in my own life. But more fundamentally than this, I learned to be human is to have compassion. The ability to feel for others is one of the most important traits you can have. I want to earn respect while learning from others everyday. In nursing, I want to be the kind of leader that people are drawn to; one that people can whole-heartily trust.

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